KPCC Membership

Creative strategy and direction for campaign assets for public radio pledge drives.

After our audience was bombarded with election coverage in 2016, we cut the length our pledge drive in half – we wanted to raise a million dollars in just five days.

I came up with the concept of "Drive in Five," and created a full campaign of videos, banners and social media assets around it. Bold graphics, bright colors and upbeat music urged potential donors to give before our deadline. Not only did we meet our goal – we exceeded it.

KPCC fans love getting a glimpse behind the scenes of their favorite station.

I worked with the membership team to create a few Facebook videos that gave potential donors a sense of the hard work the staff puts in to make the public radio products they love.

I've also designed countless other items to promote KPCC's pledge drive efforts – from banners and Facebook profile photo frames to tote bags and socks (the most popular pledge thank-you gift for several drives).